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Funding the Future

The MEF is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization established in 2007.  Our purpose is to raise funds and build community support for enhanced opportunities for teachers and students in the Missoula County Public Schools. We believe that every child deserves a quality education and that the vitality of our community is only as strong as the quality of education its students receive.  We all have a stake in ensuring that students in our community experience relevant, innovative and engaging learning experiences. With your help, we can deliver on our mission to enhance educational opportunities in our public schools by promoting community investment in Missoula’s most vital resource, our children. Please peruse our website to learn more about our programs and ways that you can become involved.

Our Mission:

To provide opportunities for enhanced student learning, foster teacher creativity, and recognize the exceptional educators in Missoula County Public Schools.

Our Vision:

The MEF is committed to enhancing student success by recognizing our outstanding educators, supporting creative learning programs and providing scholarships for students through our partnerships.

PO Box 1775, Missoula, MT 59806 (406) 728-2400 x 1071