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Student Board and MCPS Educators of the Year


The Missoula Education Foundation believes in the value of educational opportunities that extend beyond the classroom walls. We also believe students are vital beneficiaries of and stakeholders in our mission. Taking action on our belief we established the Missoula Education Foundation Student Board in January 2012.  MEF invited two students from each MCPS High School to serve on the newly established MEF Student Board. Initially, this board developed a process and set criteria for selecting and honoring an exceptional high school teacher. Since then, the MEF Student Board has awarded exceptional teacher awards at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

In their role as MEF student board members, students interact with businesses, the media and the governing board of MEF. MEF is very proud of the exceptional work accomplished by the MEF Student Board. Contributions to the student board fund teacher awards and school improvement projects generated by the student board.

If you are interested in serving on the Student Board of Trustees, please access the application “2022 Student Board Application